12th June 2014; The Third FreeFOAM Consortuim Meeting in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Freefoam_Mtng_SK FreeFOAM project partner ‘The Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Slovak Republic’ (ZCHFP) generously hosted the third meeting of the FreeFOAM consortium at their facilities in Bratislava on the 12th June 2014.
The FreeFOAM project consortium is structured to best ensure that the objectives of the project, ‘to develop a reduced toxic foaming manufacturing process for the produc-tion of PUR foam,’ are met through the key components of scientific research, technical development, project dissemination and project exploitation.
Each of the nine partner organisations presented a summary of results achieved thro-ugh individual and collaborative partner activities since the project commenced in May 2013.
The consortium approved a detailed presentation on the aims and expected results of the FreeFOAM project to be presented at the general assembly and annual technical conference of ‘Europur’ and ‘Euro-moulders’ (European PUR manufacturing associati-ons) in Vienna on the 13th July 2014.
The meeting concluded with the consortium, led by CETEM, developing and agreeing a plan of activities to be carried out during the next six months which would then be the half way point of the project.
Finally, special thanks was expressed to ZCHFP for the facilities and hospitality that had been extended to the partners during this event.
The Review meeting will be held in Brussels at REA in October 2014.

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